Know about the pillow boxes

If you have to gift something lovely, use pillow boxes as the present containers. You must be taken aback at the strange name and wondering what relationship can it have with the gift giving. So skim through this content and know the relevant details about the pillow boxes. You will be given clear updates on what are pillow boxes actually and their usage.  They are lovely containers for minor gift items like chocolates, candies, trinkets and small decorative items. You can even make these pillow boxes at home in some simple steps. Actually these are small gift boxes which are shaped like pillows hence this name.

It come in four types of shapes including mini, jumbo, small and large. You can find them in a wide array of styles and designs as well. You can surprise your guests with these pillow boxes by putting them on the table with some small and cute gifts inside them. Let us see how we can make these pillow boxes at home.

Pillow Box

How to make pillow boxes

You have to follow some simple steps in order to make the pillow boxes. It is especially useful if you have bulk gift orders. So check out the following steps below. The things you need are some useful stock supplies of cards, paper and an inkless pen. Now read through the steps and follow them carefully.

  1. A pattern or design is chosen and put down on the copy or tracing paper.
  2. The design is cut out.
  3. Now the pattern has to be traced. Make sure that the tracing is done over the jotting and folding lines.
  4. The pillow box pattern is cut out
  5. Now all the lines that are scored are folded in the piece of paper.
  6. The flaps at the end of border are tucked in
  7. One end of the pillow box is glued in.
  8. You have to let the gum set and dry. Now set the flap properly to keep the paper lines till the borderline.
  9. Keep the glue handy and adhere it to the side.
  10. The shape of the paper is maintained.
  11. Now close the end of the pillow boxes after putting in the gift material.
  12. It can be kept shut with an adornment of an adhesive sticker or label.
  13. Tie a lace or silk ribbon round it to make it look pretty.

It keep your gifts safe and secure when they are being transported or dispatched So the presents reach the recipient safe and sound without being damaged.

Conclusion on pillow boxes

These are some of the updates regarding the pillow box which must be clear to the reader somewhat, after skimming through this article. Many retailers also use pillow boxes to package their goods for safe delivery. You can find more on the pillow boxes, their uses, ways to make them and more on the internet websites should you wish to update yourself.